The Open University of Israel (OUI) is the first academic institution in Israel to join the worldwide trend toward providing access to knowledge for the public good. As part of this trend, within the framework of the Pe'er project (the Hebrew acronym for "Opening the Treasures of the Mind"), the OUI offers Hebrew readers in Israel and throughout the world free access to its most valuable assets: textbooks and study materials. This project is related to one of the core missions of the Open University: enhancing accessibility to higher education.

Through the Pe'er website, the OUI provides free access to tens of academic textbooks in electronic format. Many of the books are accompanied by a full audio version, enabling users to listen to them through the Internet or download them to their personal computers and listen on mobile players. Some of the books are also complemented by video lectures by the authors or experts in the field that offer an additional perspective or emphasize certain topics. In addition to the books, the Pe'er portal offers free on-line access to an extensive collection of online learning objects such as lesson plans, presentations, interactive exercises, glossaries and other learning aids, developed by the university's academic teaching staff, and that until now were accessible only to OUI students.